Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Missi Puri ( Puri made of different flour mixtures)

These puris are quite popular in Maharashtra (India). They can be served as evening snacks or as main dish accompanied with vegetables or chicken / mutton. It was in the home of my good friend Mrs. Deshmukh where I ate them for the first time. After learning how to make them, I made them at home, and my family started loving Mrs. Deshmukh more for teaching me Missi puri. Since the puris have different cereals in them they make complete food with any type of accompaniment. My husband loves them with thick curd seasoned with little salt and finely cut green chili.

Preparation Time: 10min.
Cooking Time: 15 min.
Servings: The below given material will make 15 puris.

Ingredients Required
  • 50gm. Whole Wheat Flour
  • 25gm. Semolina (Suji).
  • 25gm. Rice Flour.
  • 25gm. Black Gram flour.(Besan).
  • 25gm. Millet Flour (Bajara Atta.)
  • 25gm. Jowar Flour
  • 1/2 Tea spoon Salt.
  • 1/2 Tea spoon Red chili powder.
  • 10 ml. Cooking Oil for making dough.
  • 100ml. Water for making dough.
  • 200ml. Cooking oil for frying.
Directions To Make The Dough
  • In a bowl take wheat flour, suji, rice flour, besan, bajara atta, jowar atta, salt, red chili powder and mix thoroughly.
  • Add 10ml. of cooking oil in little proportions with continuous mixing.
  • Mix the mixture by rubbing between your palms.
  • The mixture should resemble bread crumbs.
  • Add water in small proportions and knead. 
  • The dough should be firm but soft.
  • Keep the dough aside for 5 – 10 min.
Directions To Make Missi Purees
  • Take 200ml. cooking oil in a wok and heat it on high flame.
  • Lower the flame to minimum when the oil is smoking hot.
  • Oil the rolling board and rolling pin with few drops of oil.
  • Make 15 rounds balls from the dough.
  • Keep one ball of dough in the center of rolling board and roll it to 6 -8 cm. diameter round.
  • Put it gently in the hot oil from the edge of wok and fry on both sides to golden brown color.
  • Repeat the same with all the balls of dough.
Hot crisp Missi purees are ready. These purees can be kept in air tight containers for a day or two. My personal favorite is the combination of Missi puri with hot and spicy mutton.

  • Always add water in little proportions because excess of water will make any type of puri’s dough suitable to make chapatti not puri.
  • Puri dough should always be firm but soft.
  • You can use your own imagination and add some Methi, Palak, finely cut coriander leaves for variation in Missi puri.
  • While frying puri make sure the rolled puri is placed from the edge of wok else hot oil will spill causing burns.

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