Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Daal ki puri( Puris made of Pulses and Flour mixture)

When a lady has to run a house hold she tries to make use of all left over of meals, so I was not an exception. From this habit of mine this mouthwatering recipe of these puris took birth. Since these puris have wheat flour and pulses so they become a complete food by themselves. The taste of these puris is so yummy that till the day my daughter and daughter in-law  wanted to make them in their home they  never suspected I put daal in its dough, and it is not the belated complaints I get but the beaming smiles, which makes me very happy.

Preparation Time: 20min.
Cooking Time: 15 – 20 min.
Servings: The given proportion will make 15 – 20 puris.

Ingredients Required To Make Daal Puris
  • 250gm. Whole Wheat Flour
  • 25gm. Moong Daal
  • 25gm. Urad Daal
  • 25 gm. Chana Daal
  • 1 Tea spoon finely cut coriander leaves.
  • 1 Tea spoon Salt.
  • 1 Tea spoon Red chili powder.
  • 10ml. cooking oil for making the dough.
  • Water to make the dough.
  • 200ml. cooking oil for frying.
Directions To Make The Dough
  • Mix Urad daal, Chana daal, Moong daal and wash them.
  • Put them in a pressure cooker, along with 100ml. water and put the lid of pressure cooker.
  • Keep the pressure cooker on high flame till pressure is built in cooker.
  • Lower the flame and cook for 10 min.
  • Allow the cooker to cool.
  • Take out he cooked daal mixture and mash the daal to a thick paste.(you can do it in a mixer also).
  • Take wheat flour in a bowl add oil, salt, red chili powder and mix.
  • Add the paste of cooked daal in small proportions and knead.
  • The dough should firm and soft.
Directions To Make Daal Puris
  • Make 15 – 20 balls from the dough.
  • Oil the rolling board and rolling pin with few drops of oil.
  • Take 200ml. cooking oil in a wok and heat on high flame till smoking hot.
  • Lower the flame.
  • Place the ball in the center of rolling board and roll to 5 – 6 cm. diameter round. ( these rolled puris should be slightly thicker than regular puris).
  • Put the rolled puri in the hot oil from the side of wok and fry from both sides by turning once or twice.
  • The fried puri should be golden brown in color.
  • Repeat the same with all the dough balls.
Hot, soft, tasty, and nourishing puris are ready. These puris can be served with sweet / spicy pickle, any vegetable or curd or tangy chutney!

  • Any leftover daal from the meals can be used to make the dough of daal puri.
  • Those who are not adept at rolling can roll the puris first and keep them separated on a greased plate or on a clean newspaper and then heat oil and fry those rolled puris at one go but one by one.
  • While putting the rolled puri in the oil always put from the edge of wok otherwise hot oil may spill causing burns.

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