Friday, 18 November 2011

Plain Puri (Puffed Fried Bread )

Puris with Sukka Kala Chana
Puri are fried bread made of mainly whole wheat flour. Different variation of puri are made by adding spices and vegetables to the wheat flour before making it to dough. Plain puri are made of wheat flour dough with out mixing any other thing to the flour. What ever type of puri it may be, hot puffed puri are so luring that it becomes difficult to resist. It is a delightful scene to see my children to poke a hole in the middle of puffed hot puri to let the steam out and eat.

Preparation Time:  5-10min.
Cooking Time: 20min.
Servings:  20 - 25 Puri can be made from the material given below.

Ingredients Required To make Puri:
  • 250gm. Whole Wheat Flour.
  • 10-15 ml. cooking oil.
  • 1/2Teaspoon salt
  • 100-150ml. Water to make dough.
  • 200 ml. Cooking oil for frying.
Directions To Make Dough:
  • Take wheat flour in a bowl and add 5 ml. of oil, and salt to it.
  • Mix with your fingers.
  • Add another 5 ml. of oil and mix nicely.
  • The flour oil mixture should resemble bread crumbs.
  • If required then add another 5ml.oil.
  • The requirement of oil changes with the quality of wheat flour.
  • Do not add too much oil; otherwise the puris will become too oily.
  • Add water in little amounts and mix and knead.
  • The dough should be soft but firm.
Dough for Puri

Directions To Make Puri:
  • Put 200ml. oil in a wok and keep the wok on gas, with the gas on high flame.
  • Make small balls from the dough.

Dough ball for Puri
  • Oil the rolling board and rolling pin with few drops of oil.
Rolled Puri

  • Keep the ball of dough in the center of rolling board and roll it to 8-10 cm. diameter round puri.
  • When the oil is smoking hot reduce the flame.
  • To the hot oil put the rolled puri from the side of the wok.
  • Fry it from both sides to golden color by turning it once or twice.
Puri being fried

Puffed fried Puri

  • Plain puri is really to be served with any vegetable.
Hubby dear enjoying Puri with Sukka Chana
My personal preference is eating this puri with Aloo ki sabji (Dry potato vegetable) /Sukka kala chana
      and mango pickle.,
  • Add water in little amounts while making dough as requirement of water changes with different type of wheat flour.
  • Take care while putting rolled puri for frying, it should be put slowly from side otherwise hot oil may spill causing burns.
  • For those who are not too adept at rolling, you can roll few puris and keep them separated on an oiled plate and then start frying them one by one.
  • The oil should be very hot while frying otherwise puri will not puff.
  • Maintain the temperature of oil by reducing/ increasing the flame.
  • Puris can be kept in a closed container for a day and eaten by warming in microwave or on flat iron plate(Tawa) over gas.
Suggested Variations:
  • Add  one coarsely ground red chili to the flour before kneading it adds color and taste to the puri.
  • Cumin seeds / roasted cumin seed powder can be added to the flour before kneading.
  • Add 2 tea spoonful of Ajwain ( caraway seeds) to make ajwain puri.

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