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Tomato Puri ( Fried, Puffed whole wheat Indian bread with tomato)

Tomato Puri
Puri made with dough having tomatoes look orange in color and have classic taste. Some times when tomatoes become over ripe they can be used to make tomato puri. Once we had gone for picnic to Panshet dam, Pune, Maharashtra, India with our friends. We had shared to make different dishes. I had to make puri and raita. I was really bored to make the same plain puris again so I invented tomato puris!!!! All were taken by surprise that the orange color was not artificial, but of tomato, and when they ate them well I kept on getting request to share the recipe. Need not say the puris became a hit :)

Preparation Time: 15min.
Cooking Time: 15min.
Servings: The following ingredients will make 20-25 puris.

Ingredients Required To Make Tomato Puri 
  • 250gm. Whole Wheat Flour.
  • 100 – 150 gm. Red Tomatoes.
  • 1/2 Tea spoon Salt.
  • 5 -10 ml. Cooking oil to make the dough.
  • 200ml. Cooking Oil to fry.
Directions To Make Dough 
  • Wash and cut the tomatoes to 2 – 3cm. pieces.
  • Put the tomato pieces in the grinder container and grind to fine paste.
  • Take Wheat flour in a bowl and add salt to it.
  • Mix the salt  and flour mixture nicely.
  • Add 5ml. of oil and mix with your fingers.
  • If required add more oil. (The requirement of oil changes with different brands of wheat flour.)
  • Mix thoroughly. The mixture should look like bread crumbs.
  • Add tomato paste in little proportions and knead.
  • The dough should be firm but soft.
  • If the dough is hard then you can add little water.
Dough for Tomato Puri
Directions To make Tomato  Puris 
  • Take 200 ml. cooking oil in a wok and heat it on high flame till smoking hot.
  • Lower the flame.
  • Make small balls of the dough.

Balls Of dough for Tomato Puri
  • Oil the rolling board and rolling pin with few drops of oil.The above mixture will be enough to make 20 – 25 balls.
  • Place one ball in the center of rolling board and roll with rolling pin to 6 – 8 cm. diameter round.
Rolled puri from the ball of the dough
    • Put the rolled puri in the hot oil and fry  from both sides till golden orange.
    Tomato puri being fried on one side
      Puffed Tomato Puri fried on both sides
      • Repeat the same with all the dough balls.

        Tomato Puri
        • Puris are ready to be served and eaten. 
                  Serve these puri with alloo mutter ki sukhi sabji (Dry and spicy preparation of potatoes and peas), Aloo dum,

            or Gul-Gula Kofta.

          Or with any vegetable of your choice. I love eating them all by themselves to get full taste of tomato in puri !!

          Tips :
          • Do not add too much of oil, excess of oil will make the puris very oily, less oil will do no harm !
          • Do not fry puri in either too hot oil which will make them brown and spoil the taste of tomato.
          • Do not fry the puris in less hot oil, the puris will not puff and soak too much oil.( Make them once and you will learn to control the temperature)
          • For those who are not adept at rolling make roll the puris and keep them on a greased plate separated  from one another  / on a clean newspaper, the heat the oil and start frying them.
          Suggested Variations:
          • To the wheat flour 1/3eamount of the wheat flour, refined flour (maida) can be added (Wheat flour:refined Flour =3:1)
          • Besan can also be added in the same proportion (1:3) to change the texture and taste.

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