Saturday, 12 October 2013

How to Increase The Shelf Life Of Fresh Coriander Leaves (Cilantro/Dhania)

Dhania (Coriander sprigs) cleaned before storing
Dhania patta (Fresh coriander leaves) are used extensively in Indian kitchen either as a condiment, for making chutney, or for garnishing. Problem with Dhania is that it perishes very fast. It is very difficult especially for working ladies to do shopping for greens daily. Fresh Dhania some time comes with lots of soil and if not stored properly it gets spoiled even in fridge very fast. To overcome the problem of Dhania I have devised a simple procedure hope it comes handy to all my followers and readers.
  • Clean Dhania (Coriander sprigs) by removing the stems with dirt.
Dhania (Fresh Coriander sprigs) as I got from market
Mud and roots removed during cleaning
  • Remove all yellow / black and other rotten leaves.
  • Make sure not a single rotten / black / yellow leaf is with green sprigs.
Cleaned Dhania
  • Wash the cleaned sprigs in flowing water.
  • Drain all water through a sieve and allow it to stand for draining till all water is drained off.
  • Keep the cleaned Dhania (Coriander sprigs) under the sun for 5 min. to make sure all surface water has evaporated.
Cleaned, washed dhania kept under sun for evaporating surface water
  • Wrap the cleaned washed and dried fresh coriander sprigs in a paper.
Cleaned and dry dhania
Cleaned and dry dhania being wrapped in paper before storing
  •  Keep the wrapped Dhania (Coriander sprigs) in a cloth bag or container / bag having holes.
  • If the Dhania (coriander sprigs) do not have mud stuck to them then washing is not required,
  • Dhania will not perish for 10 days also.



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