Saturday, 12 October 2013

Best Method of Storing Strawberry

Washed Cleaned Packed Strawberries
Farm fresh strawberries are such delicacy that even the site of them makes my mouth water. Straw berries are rich in Potassium, calcium, and vitamin C and vitamin A and are low on calorie. They add color, flavor and richness to any dish to which they are added, be it for garnishing or in dessert. Chocolate coated strawberries are one of my favorite. Since going shopping for greens daily is not possible thus we bring once in a week.  Strawberries are so delicate that they would start rotting within two days of purchasing.  I have devised a method of storing strawberries by which they remain fresh for 7-10 days also in fridge (depending on the state they were when purchased). We in Ethiopia get farm fresh so once stored nicely they last for 10 days minimum.

Material required For Storing Strawberries:
  • Steel / Plastic / cardboard container preferably having slits or holes
  • Paper napkins
  • Clean towel / cotton cloth
  • Water
Directions For Storing Strawberries:
  • Take strawberries in a bowl / tub.
  • Add lots of water in the container with strawberries.
  • Let the strawberries soak in water for 30 min.

Strawberries soaking in water to remove dirt adhering to surface of strawberries
  • Drain all water using sieve.
  • Add excess of water again and allow the strawberries to soak for 10-15 minutes to make sure all dirt from the surface of strawberries gets removed.
  • Remove the water by using sieve.
  • Give one final wash to strawberries by carefully pouring water on them. Make sure strawberries are not damaged while washing.
  • Carefully remove the green portions (Sepals) of strawberries and spread them on a clean towel / cotton cloth for drying. 
Washed,Cleaned  Strawberries before towel drying
  • Let the washed and cleaned strawberries remain on the cloth / towel for 10 min.
Washed, Cleaned Strawberries Drying on Towel
  • Fold a paper napkin and place it in a clean steel / plastic / cardboard container.
  • Place washed, cleaned and towel dried strawberries carefully in two three layers in the container.
Washed, Cleaned Towel dried strawberries packed for storing
  • Fold the paper napkin or place another paper napkin on the top of strawberries.
  • Cover with the lid.
Strawberries in a container ready to be stored in fridge
  • Keep in the fridge and enjoy them even after a week.
  • Make sure the strawberries you purchase are fresh.
  • If any strawberry is having slightly damaged skin do not store it with rest of them. One rotten strawberry spoils the whole lot.
  • Never keep strawberries under strong flow of water as the strong jets of water will cause damage to the skin of strawberries and they will go bad no matter how you store them.
  • If the water has not come clean even after soaking two times you can repeat it once more though need will not arise.
  • Do not rub cloth / towel while drying, the skin will get damaged.
  • If the paper napkin is thin then the number of napkins can be increased as per requirement.
  • Never use newspaper for storing strawberries. The chemical of ink will spoil them.
  •  Aeration of strawberries in the container is must else they will not remain fresh for long.

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