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Preserving Whole Fresh Lemons

Fresh Lemons Frozen For Preserving

To run a house is the most difficult and tasking task as one has to manage the house within a budget yet have all necessary item ready at home. It is a regular practice that even items like fruits and vegetables are purchased from market in large amount as it comes out to be cheaper. Lemon is one thing that is required in every household daily for one purpose or the other.
It is a common complaint of the house wife that lemons get spoilt if kept for more than a week in fridge. Either they dry and become hard and thus break when squeezed for taking out juice and thus go waste or they rot thus are rendered useless. So what is the purpose of purchasing in bulk? How to keep them fresh for a long time?
Do not despair and purchase as many lemon you want when you get them less expensive in market and yes you can keep them as fresh as if they have been plucked fresh from the tree. 
Direction to Preserve Lemon:
  • Purchase fresh yellow / green juicy lemons in bulk when less expensive.
  • Wash the lemons and towel  dry them.
  • Keep the washed and dried lemons in a Container with lid (Glass or plastic) / Plastic beg / Zip pouch.
  • Keep the container with washed and dried lemons in the freezer and let them solidify.
  • Lemon will become hard as the juice in lemon will solidify.
  • Leave the container with lemons in the fridge and take out the lemon as and when require.
  • Lemons can be kept like this for as long as a year also and the freshness will remain intact.
Fresh Lemons Frozen To Preserve For Long Time
  • This is most effective method because if one takes out juice of lemon and freezes it there is chance that with passage of time lemon juice will start becoming bitter; also some amount of wastage is unavoidable.
How to use frozen lemons:
For making Lemonade:
  • Take the frozen lemon and grate it.
  • If one requires only half lemon then after grating half lemon rest can again be kept with rest of the frozen lemons.
Frozen Lemon Grated
  • Add one eating spoon of the grated lemon in one glass of water (150 ml.) and stir nicely.
One spoon Grated Frozen Lemon For one Glass of lemonade
Grated lemon dissolved in water
  • Filter and discard the solid.
Filtering the solid
  • Add one / two teaspoon of sugar (as per the taste), and a pinch of salt.
  • Dissolve salt and sugar by stirring and add few cubes of ice (optional).
  • Enjoy lemonade of fresh lemon even after long time of purchasing the lemons.
  • Grating the lemon is very easy and ensures least sloppiness and no wastage.
  • The rind of frozen lemon which gets grated adds a great flavor to the lemonade.
Lemonade made from frozen lemon
 For making Fresh Soda Lime:
  • Keep the glass in which soda lime is to be served in the fridge for cooling.
  • Take one teaspoon of grated frozen lemon and add it to 20 ml. of water.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt and dissolve.
  • Filter the solution and discard the solid.
  • Take the filtered solution of lemon juice, sugar and salt in the chilled glass.
  • Place a stirrer in slanting position in the glass with juice.
  • Pour chilled soda from the edge of glass slowly till the glass is half full.
  • Stir and add more soda leaving an inch space of the glass empty. Stir gently and serve.
Fresh Soda lime
For salad:
  • Take the grated lemon and add it to the salad just before serving.
  • Toss the salad to mix lemon along with other seasonings in the salad.
  • Rind of frozen lemon which gets grated finely a fantastic flavor to the salad.
For making Seasoning for Salad or any other dish where lemon juice is required:
  • Take out the lemon an hour before use and keep it at room temperature.
  • Lemon will come to its original texture and can be cut and squeezed to get the pure juice.
  • If you require more lemons in a day  grate them and keep in a airtight container as grated frozen lemons can be kept for 12 hrs. in fridge without turning bitter.
  • Rind of grated frozen lemon add a lovely flavor and some tanginess  so do not get worried about rind spoiling the taste.


  1. Excellent recommendations! Of all the existing vitamins, vitamin C containing in lemons is the best known. Don't you like a freshly squeezed lemon juice? If you have some spare lemons left in fridge use them wisely!

    1. Hi John I love freshly squeezed juice of lemon. It is best. In India during summers lemons are in big demand and crop is less thus they become expensive. Thus it makes sense to preserve whole lemons during harvesting season. They are as good as fresh lemons and cost effective.

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