Friday, 5 July 2013

Neer Dosa (Egg less Rice Pancakes)


Mangalore special very soft, tasty and quick to make Neer Dosa, which I did not know it exists till I had it at my young friend Subhiksha place. Subhiksha being Mangalorian had made these dosa with Chicken and Lobhia (Cow bean seeds). They were absolutely delicious soft. Neer in Sanskrit means water. This dosa is given the name Neer dosa because the batter is made thin by either adding water or coconut milk to watery consistency. I requested her to teach me and lo and behold she comes to my house and teaches me how to make Neer Dosa. I always say there is nobody from whom we cannot learn and there is no age when we cannot learn. Since outside Mangalore not many must know about these dosa thus I thought of sharing the recipe with my friends and followers. Literally oil free, least time consuming and with minimum efforts make these Neer Dosa and enjoy them with chicken, mutton, vegetable, chole.

Preparation Time: 35-40 min (Soaking time included)
Cooking Time:2-3 min./Dosa
Servings: 10 medium Size Neer Dosa

Ingredients Required for making Neer Dosa:
  • 100 gm. Rice
  • 50 gm. Coconut Powder
  • Water
  • 2 ml. Oil
  • Water
Directions For Making Neer Dosa:
  • Wash and Soak rice in water for at least 30 min.
  • Grind the soaked rice to fine paste.
  • Add water to the rice paste and mix. The batter should be watery. Like the consistency of milk.
Subhiksha Pouring the batter to show the consistency
  • Add 1/4Teaspoon salt and mix nicely.
  • Heat a tawa/ Pan with edges and spread 2-3 drops of oil on it.
  • When the tawa is smoking hot spread 60-70 ml. batter with the help of a bowl /ladle.
Batter being spread on Smoking hot Tawa
Batter Spread On Hot tawa
Pan made to smoking hot
Neer-Dosa Being cooked in a Pan With Edges
  • Cover immediately and lower the flame.
  • Cook for one min.
Covered And Being Cooked
  • Remove the cover. The dosa will start leaving the edges.
  • Pry the dosa loose from the pan /tawa and fold. Do not cook on the other side. 
Neer Dosa Ready to be Served
  • Serve piping hot or with Chole/any vegetable/fish/chicken/mutton.
Subhiksha With Neer-Dosa

Neer Dosas
  • Use non-stick tawa/pan for easy cooking of Neer dosa.
  • Do not let the batter ferment.
  • If the batter becomes thick add water/coconut milk to thin it.
  • Make sure that the upper surface does not have uncooked batter. Else the Neer dosa will taste of raw rice.
  • Oil is not required to be applied once the batter is spread and dosa is cooking.
  • Cover immediately after the batter is spread on the tawa/pan. This will ensure softness of dosa as well as cooking of dosa from the side not touching the tawa/pan.
Suggested Variations:
  • Instead of water fresh coconut milk can be taken to thin down the paste of rice for making the Neer dosa batter.
  • If coconut milk is being used instead of water then do not add coconut paste.
  • Fresh coconut paste can be taken instead of coconut powder.
  • Fresh coconut and fresh coconut milk impart great flavor color and taste so try to take fresh coconut and fresh coconut milk.  

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