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How to Make Good Sprouts From Whole Green Gram (Sabut Moong)

Sabut Moong Sprout (Sprout of Whole Green Gram)

Sprouting whole pulses is an easy job. It is extremely rewarding as least amount of effort result in most nourishing, healthy and tasty sprout which can be used in salad/ made into dry or gravy savory. Sprouts with a dash of lemon, pepper and salt are very good for breakfast as they provide the nutrients required the whole day. Once the pulses sprout they become very rich in vitamin C and A apart from the proteins they have. I love sprout moong just to snack on. Try the sprout without salt or any other additive they taste great.

Preparation Time: 3-4 hours (Soaking time)

Time for sprouting: 2 days

Serving Time: 4 Medium Servings

Ingredients Required for Sprouting Moong Dal:
  • 100 gm. Sabut Moong Dal (Whole Green Gram)
  • Water
  • Cloth piece/ Cloth bag / netted plastic bag
Directions For Sprouting Sabut Moong Dal:
  • Clean sabut moong dal (Whole green gram), wash nicely and drain the washed water.
  • Soak cleaned washed moong dal in excess of water for 3-4 hours.
  • The dal should swell and become soft.
  • Drain all water and place the soaked dal in cloth piece and tie the dal in cloth piece making a loose bag or place the soaked dal in a plastic net bag or place them in a cloth bag.
  • Place the bag with soaked dal in a container / big bowl and cover so that the heat does not seep out.
  • Keep the bag with soaked dal undisturbed for 12 hours.
  • The green cover of the dal will have split and dal will start showing signs of sprouting.
  • Pass water through the bag so that all dal gets hydrated.
  • Let the excess water drain and again place the bag with dal in the container and cover.
  • Dal will sprout with the size of sprout almost 2 mm. 
Sabut Moong Sprout (Sprout of Whole Green Gram)
  • This sprout can be had in salad and mixed with yoghurt.
  • Sprout is best and most nutritive when the size of sprout is at least 2 cm. long. To allow them to grow more, sprinkle some water and keep the bag with sprouted dal in the container for 10-12 hours.
Sprouts after 2 days of Sprouting the Whole Green Gram (Sabut Moong Dal)
  • Remove the sprout and wash in flowing water.
  • Drain and keep in an airtight container in the fridge and use as and when required.
  • This sprout can be kept in fridge for a week also. Keep washing them and draining them once in two three days.
  • Sprouts remain fresh and keep on growing with small speed in fridge also therefore if one wishes the sprout after 12 hours of sprouting can be kept in fridge for 10-12 days also only care to be taken is that every 24 hours they should be washed and drained of excess water and again stored in the fridge.
  • Sometimes dal does not get soaked completely some dal seeds remain unsoaked; remove those dal seeds before keeping for sprouting.
  • In summers (40oC and above) the dal while sprouting becomes dry due to heat thus sprinkle water every 12 hours to keep it moist.
  • In rainy weather when the humidity is high and temperature is 30-35oC chances of dal getting spoiled are quite high thus it is necessary to wash the dal kept for sprouting every 12 hour, drain the water and keep for sprouting again.
  • Never keep water with dal while sprouting. Dal requires moisture not excess water for sprouting.
  • Remember seeds grow under the earth thus the correct condition for sprouting are:
    • Moisture
    • 35-38C Temperature
    • Darkness
Suggested Variations:
  • If you do not want to keep the soaked dal for sprouting in bag then you may keep it in a container with insulation so that moisture, darkness and temperature can be maintained.
  • The same process can be employed for sprouting Black gram, or any whole seed you wish to sprout.

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