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Paya Soup (Mutton Shank Soup)

Paya Soup
Paya soup with extra tomato and some carrot

Why ! Why a person who is not well, should be burdened with bland tasteless food which he/she will have to force through the throat as medicine not enjoy as food.
It is really perplexing when one has to decide upon the healthy yet tasty diet for a person who is on long medication and requires diet rich in Iron, protein and calcium. This happened to me when I had to rake my brain for a tasty soup which my daughter- in law would enjoy drinking, and it would help her regain her health. She had undergone huge surgery and doctor had asked her diet to be iron, protein, calcium rich. Normally Paya soup is not so tasty of just boiled and salted and taken, so I came up with this version of Paya soup which she started looking forward rather than dreading the time I would serve the Paya soup to her. I recommend this soup for all those who have had any sort of bone problem like fracture, calcium deficiency, iron deficiency and for ladies post-delivery and in pre-menopausal stage. This soup is especially good for Tuberculosis patients.

Nutritional Value of Soup / 400ml. 
Cal 60
Fat 5.5gm.
Cholesterol 73gm.
Sodium 199 mg.
Potassium 550 mg.
Carbs  10gm.
Dietary fibers 2gm.
Protein 25gm.
Sugar 0.5 gm
Vitamin A 142%
B12 50% 
Calcium, Copper, Iron and other micro nutrients are present in the soup.
All values given above are not exact but approximation to the nearest value.
Those suffering from High BP should not add tomatoes as it has high sodium content.

Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time : 15 min.
Servings : 400ml.

Ingredients Required for Making Paya Soup:
  • 4 Pieces or Mutton Legs (Lower bone part of goat leg / Shank)
  • 1 Medium size Onion
  • 1 inch Ginger piece
  • 1/2 medium size Tomato
  • 5-6 Sprigs of fresh green coriander leaves
  • 2-3 Cloves
  • 1 cm. Piece of Cinnamon
  • Salt to taste
  • Water

Direction for Making Paya Soup:
  • Wash the mutton bone pieces very nicely, to get rid of all hair pieces stuck to them
Cleaned Leg bone pieces of Goat
  • Cut onion. 
Cut onion
  • Cut tomatoes. 
Cut Tomatoes
  • Peel and cut ginger piece.
Cut Ginger
  • Wash coriander sprigs nicely and cut them.
Cleaned and cut coriander leaves
  • Put in a pressure cooker
    • Mutton pieces
    • Cut onion
    • Cut tomato
    • Cut ginger
    • Cut coriander leaves
    •  Piece of cinnamon
    • Cloves
Ingredients to be added along with bones and water for boiling to  make soup
    • Salt
    • 150 ml. water 
  • Close the lid and keep on high flame and cook on high flame till pressure builds in the cooker.
  • Lower the flame and cook on low flame for 5 min.
  • Switch off the gas and let the cooker cool with all boiled ingredients in it.
  • When cool remove the boiled material from cooker.
Boiled Bones with all other ingredients
  • Remove cinnamon, cloves and discard them.
  • Remove the bones and put them in a bowl with some water and with a bone scooper take out if anything is left in the bone.
  • Rinse the boiled bones with some mashing action.
  • Keep all liquid in a bowl and discard the bones.
Liquid form rinsing the boiled bones kept for mixing to the paste of the boiled solid
  • Grind all other solid boiled material except bones in a grinder- mixer to a paste.
Solid materials except bones to be blended and bones in the bowl to be discarded
Boiled ingredients of Paya soup except bones made to paste
  • Mix all the liquid and paste together and sieve it through a sieve.
  • Add water to make the soup of the consistency you want.
  • Give a nice boil and garnish it with a dash of lemon juice and black pepper powder.
Paya Soup
  • Drink/ serve piping hot.
  • Make sure you purchase the mutton leg from a hygienic place.
  • Wash and remove all dirt and hair properly.
  • Get the pieces done from the butcher shop.
  • Bone pieces can be cleaned and kept in deep freezer for 5-6 days.
  • Garlic and ginger apart from adding to the taste help in digestion also, so if the amount of garlic/ginger becomes more no harm done.
  • Do not make the soup and keep in fridge for long time prefer drinking it with in 12 hrs.
  • Paya soup alternated with Hara Bhara soup
    or vegetable soup is a very good diet for a Tuberculosis patient
Suggested Variations:
  • 2 - 3 Table spoons of spinach can be added to the ingredients while boiling.
  • Garlic can be added this helps in digestion and reduces flatulence.
  • Lemon grass can be added to the soup when final boil is being given and removed before serving. Lemon grass gives a very good flavor and has medicinal property also.
  • Herbs like parsley/basil/celery can be added as per the liking to change the flavor. Always remember same food with different flavor is always welcome by one and all be it ailing person or healthy person.
  • One extra tomato and one carrot can be added to paya soup ingredient mixture for boiling it makes the color of soup very attractive and the taste also changes which would be welcome by a person taking Paya soup day in day out. Addition of carrot and extra tomato increases the amount of fibers, Vitamin C and some calories. 
Paya soup with extraTomatoes and some carrot in it.


  1. Hi would be great full if you can share the veg soup recipe

    1. Hi Pravin do check for tomato soup, hara bhara soup(palak soup), carrot soup, sweet corn soup in my blog /with love from Mom's Kitchen also a very healthy, filling, nourishing black soup Is a posted by me recently. If any queries please feel free to ask. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the recipe. Warms my heart that you make it for your daughter-in-law

    1. Hi.
      Thanks for your appreciation. For me my daughter in law is my daughter whom I got by virtue of my son marrying her.

  3. Amazing n easy to hv soup, you really hv simplified it. I drink it looking at the nutrient lust... Thank you! :)

    1. Dear Unknown it is so heart warming that you liked my recipes and enjoy these simple but tasty and nutritious foods.
      The purpose of my blog is to share my experience with everyone so that they can benefit from it.
      Thanks for taking out time and posting you valuable feedback.



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