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Tips For Mothers With Small Children.

   Often young mothers are heard complaining that the little ones do not like eating vegetables. Well first of all cook all type of vegetables at home even if you do not have a taste for them, and eat along with the children. As they say good habits are inculcated right in the childhood. 
Apart from this there are few tips which may be helpful.
  • If your child has a dislike for Spinach/ Methi /Carrot then :-
    • Grate the carrot/ Cut the washed spinach/ methi
    • Add to whole wheat flour.
Carrot, flour,ajwain (caraway seeds) and salt for dough
    • Add salt to taste, and 1 tea spoon of caraway seeds.(ajwain).
    • Make dough from it.
    • Make parathas out of the dough 
Dough for paratha
    • Serve hot with tangy / sweet pickle / chutney/ sauce.
Palak paratha and carrot paratha
    • Keep it in the lunch box with pickle or chutney
    They will love the colorful parathas and also develop the taste of the vegetable.
        • Bottle guard (Lauki) is one vegetable very few children like. You are lucky if your children like its vegetable!
          • But in summers bottle gourd provides with much needed nutrition and its juice is very cooling to our system. So what to do?
          • Simply take a soft Lauki wash it.
          •  Grate the required amount, add ajwain (caraway seeds ), salt, chopped coriander leaves, and besan and make loose dough.
          •   Make small balls.
          •  Fry these balls and let children enjoy them as snacks with chutney / sauce.
          •  You can make gravy of your liking and dunk the fried balls to the gravy and presto! Nice vegetable is ready:)

        Do not squeeze water from lauki as it is cooling in summers. It will get absorbed in besan.
          • Make milk shake from Lauki.
            • Pista Shake Using Tender Lauki(Bottle Gourd):
            • Take a very tender Lauki do not peel.
            • Wash it and grate it.
            • Boil the grated Lauki with little milk till cooked.
            • Cool and grind it in a mixer to fine paste.
            • Take 150ml. of milk at room temperature.
            •  Add 4-5 tea spoons of paste of cooked Lauki.
            • Churn in mixer.
            • Add pinch of cardamom powder mix, pour the mixture in a tall glass.
            •  Cool it in fridge for 3-4 hrs.
            •  Top it up with 1 tea spoon of finely cut Pista  (pistachio) and serve it as pista shake to the children.
            • The green color of the peel will ensure it looks green like pista shake.
            •  They will love it and lap it up till they do not see you Making It!!!!
            • You can freeze it and serve as pista ice cream.:)
          • Children love cheese : -
            •  so try to make parathas stuffed with cheese.
            •  Uttapa topped with onion, cheese, tomato.
            • Omelets topped with onions, tomatoes, cheese, and some greens.
            • Little cheating with children for their good is not a bad idea so sneak some greens like methi, spinach, coriander.
           This will make sure your child is  hooked to homemade food. Remember occasional pizzas and burger will not harm the child but frequent use is not good for health.
          • Make Sandwiches from whole wheat bread / multi grain bread instead of white bread : -
            •  Use cucumber, onion , tomato, chicken,eggs, cheese and sneak in few shreds of Raw spinach / Salad leaves / Mint / Coriander/ Celery /Parsley.
            •  Using different ingredients and herbs will change the flavor and taste of sandwiches and the child gets complete nutrition.
            • Remember everybody likes change in the taste so surprise your children and entice them to eat homemade delicious, nutritious sandwiches.
          • Noodles are another favorite of children so do not get worked up about their nutrition if they ask for noodles / pasta time and again.
            • Instead just boiling the noodles/ pasta and giving them to the children.
            • Cut cabbage, French beans, Carrot, Onion some peas, shredded chicken and sauté them
            • Add to boiled noodles along with grated cheese, tomato sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce (optional).
          This way child get the food they want along with full nutrition! Child is happy and Mom is also happy.

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