Friday, 23 October 2015

How To Cut Cake Without Knife Into Perfectly Leveled Two Halves

Cake before it is cut
One perfect half
Cutting a ckae into two halves for filling becomes a tiring task with not so satisfactory results if we do nove a turntable and serrated knife. Strong thread of string or dental floss does an amazing job. it does not require a lots of practice and time.
1. Marking the cake from bottom at equal distance (the thickness you want to cut the two halves). you can use tooth picks. which will fall once the cake cuts to two halves.
2. Placethe string of thread (Floss) around the cake at the marked place.
3. Hold the two ends in opposite direction, and pull them in opposite direction.
4. The pulling of the thread should be done firmly but slowly.
5. thread will start entering the cake from the circumfrence.
6. Keep pulling the ends in opposite direction and finally the thread will come out from the cake leaving two halves with nice flat surface over beach other.
7. brush the crumbs lightly and cover them with thw filling of your choice before placing them again over each other.
The  link of vedio posted by me in You Tube  is a practical demonstration of the same.

Hitesh one of my student  used this metod for cupcakes aalso as he prefers no knife version more



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