Sunday, 1 February 2015

How To Preserve Lemon Juice

Frozen Lemon Juice ice Cubes
In rainy season and in winters lemon crop is harvested as they ripen in these season but in summers when we aspire to have cool lemonade/ lemon sherbet / or we need to fresh lemon juice for any savory or dessert then we have to make do with expensive and less juicy lemons. Normally it is seen that citrus fruits are converted to sherbet concentrate by mixing it with sugar syrup and adding preservatives or making pickle. But these are useful to make sweet cold drinks only. What do we do when we want to have only salted lemon sherbet or want to have fresh lime soda with salt? What do we do when we want fresh lemon juice in any recipe? This kept on bugging me till one day when I had lots of lemon and tried this method to keep the juice fresh and nice. Wow what a discovery! It solved all my problems and now I get lemons in scores when least expensive in market and preserve them. 
I had blogged about how to preserve whole lemon also but if they are in large number then space crunch in freezer occurs. This metod solves problem of space crunch and bringing the frozen lemons to room temperature before squeezing.

Preparation time: Depends upon the number of lemons used
Cooking time: None

Ingredients Required:
  • Lemons as many as you can lay hand in crop season
Direction To Preserve The Lemon Juice:
  • Wash the lemons and dry with a cloth.
  • Count the number of lemons you are squeezing.
  • Cut them to half and squeeze the juice.
  • When juice of all lemons has been removed then sieve them to remove seeds.
  • Take ice trays and pour the juice in them and put in freezer for setting to ice cubes.
  • Count the number of cubes and find out how many cubes have been made out of the lemons you had taken this way you will be able to calculate one cube is equal to how many cubes.
Lemon Juice Cubes
  • Take out the lemon juice cubes and store in a good plastic container and use as and when required.
  • Do not store them in metal container as lemon juice is corrosive.
  • Cubes can be made of any size. If they are of small size then you will not have to break them if less quantity is required.
Suggested Variations:
  • Some juice can be flavored with ginger juice and frozen.
Frozen Lemon and Ginger Juice  Cubes

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