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How to Preserve Fresh Green Peas at home

Fresh Peas ready for storing in airtight container. Lid to be placed before refrigerating
Fresh green peas are available in winter season and are tender and sweet in taste. Being seasonal vegetable they are available in affordable price. If peas are preserved at home when the fresh peas are cheaper, the home preserved peas come out less expensive than the marketed preserved peas and are healthier as they do not contain artificial color and other chemicals which are harmful to our health. The home preserved peas will always look less greener than the marketed one as green color is not added and the vinegar used is fruit based not synthetic. I have been preserving shelled 10 kg. peas for last 20 years and my family is happy enjoying the taste of fresh home preserved peas. Do not deny your family this happiness preserve peas at home now.

Preparation Time: 30 min.
Processing Time: 30 min.
Servings: 200 gm. Preserved shelled peas (Also depends upon the quality of Pea pods)
Duration it can be Preserved: More than a year

Ingredients Required for Preserving Fresh Green Peas:
  • 1 kg. Fresh Green Pea pods
  • 1Lt. Water
  • 10 gm. Sugar (Approximately 2 tea spoon)
  • 5 gm. Salt (Approximately 1 tea spoon)
  • 1 Small pinch of Eating Soda
  • 10 ml. Fruit based Vinegar (Approximately 1 Table spoon)
  • Plastic bags / Zip pouches / Air tight container
Directions For Preserving Fresh Green Peas:
  • Shell fresh green peas and keep the shelled peas aside.
Fresh shelled Peas
  • Take 1Lt. water in a container and heat it. 
Water being heated for preserving Fresh peas
  • When it starts boiling add salt and sugar and dissolve them in water.
Water, Salt and Sugar mixture being boiled before adding Vinegar
  • Add vinegar and mix.
Vinegar being added to Water,salt and Sugar mixture
  • The moment water, sugar, salt and vinegar comes to boil add shelled peas in it and give a nice stir.
Shelled fresh peas added to Water,Salt,Sugar and Vinegar mixture
  • Add small pinch of eating soda and give a nice stir.
  • Keep the gas on high flame. Water with peas in it will start boiling again.
Fresh peas being given a boil in water ,salt,sugar,and vinegar mixture
  • Let it boil for 2 min. Switch off the gas and cover the container.
The texture and color of peas before switching off the gas
Peas ready for preserving
  • Let the peas in the water mixture cool.
  • Remove peas from water by sieving the mixture of peas and water.
Cooling after draining the water
  • Let the peas cool off to room temperature.
  • Spread them on a cotton cloth and pat dry them to remove all water on them collected due to condensation of steam.
  • Store the processed peas in a plastic bag and seal the bag / store in a zip pouch / or store in a airtight container.
Processed Fresh peas in Plastic pouch
  • Keep in freezer for posterity.
  • Happy eating fresh healthy preserved peas in all season.
  • If fruit based vinegar which has red color for example Red grape based vinegar then excess will cause the color of the peas to turn purple / violet but inside remains green so add just one table spoon not more.
  • Purchase pea pods not in the starting or end of season they may be slightly more expensive than when the pea season is at its peak that is the fruiting is maximum.
  • The salt and sugar amount if becomes more it is ok but should never be less.
  • If the shelled peas are soft then boil for only one min. after adding the shelled peas and then switch off the gas else they will become soft and mushy.
  • Make sure the eating soda is a small pinch only.
Suggested Variations:
  • If you do not want the color of peas to change due to using fruit based vinegar then use synthetic vinegar. I personally prefer using fruit based vinegar for all cooking purpose as they are healthy.
  • Take white grape based vinegar it will not decolorize the peas during processing.
  • To make the processed peas look greener, grind 5-6 sprigs of fresh coriander leaves sieve the juice from the paste and add the juice to the peas in water after switching off the gas and allow the mixture to cool.

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  1. nice and easy way to make green peace at home infact a man can also make it without any supervision



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