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Sev Bhaji

Sev-Bhaji with rice
When summer season is at peak and either vegetables are very expensive or your and your family’s favorite vegetable is not available then it becomes a herculean task to make a meal which will make everybody happy. Well not to worry here comes the recipe for Sev bhaji, a tangy, spicy vegetable with a hint of sweetness which all of you will surely love. The different delicate flavors which come out are amazing. Easy to make and absolutely a winner, so make it and serve with rice, pav, roti or bread. When I make it my family and friends like to have pav with it, because it is easy to polish off the last bit of it with pav.

Preparation Time:  10 min.
Cooking Time: 20 min.
Servings: 6 Large servings

Ingredients Required For Making Sev Bhaji:

  • 2 Medium size Onions
  • 8-10 Cloves of Garlic
  • 3 cm Piece of Ginger
  • 2 Medium size Tomatoes
  • 3-4 Whole Green Chilies
Green Chilies
  • 3 Tea spoon Besan
  • 4 Tea spoon Thick Curd
  • 100 gm. Besan ki Sev
  • 2-3 Sprigs of fresh Coriander leaves
Fresh Coriander leaves
  • 1 Tea spoon Garam Masala
  • 1 Tea spoon Red chili Powder
  • 2 Bay leaves
  • 2-3 cloves
  •  1 Tea spoons Cumin seeds
  • Salt to Taste
  • 2 ml. Ghee / Olive oil/ any cooking oil
  • Water
Directions For Making Sev Bhaji:
  • Cut onions to small pieces.
Cut Onions
  •  Cut garlic.
Cut Garlic
  • Grate ginger.
  • Wash, clean and drain the coriander sprigs and cut very fine.
  • Cut tomatoes.
Cut Tomatoes
  • Beat curd and besan to make homogenous paste.
san and water beaten and made to thin paste
  • Take a thick bottom pan and add 1 ml.of ghee / oil in it and heat on high flame.
  • When hot add cumin seeds.
  • When the seeds splutter add cut onions and cook on low flame till they are golden brown.
  • Add Garlic and ginger and cook till garlic becomes golden brown.
  • Add tomatoes and cook till they become soft and the mixture starts leaving the edges of the pan.
  • Take out the cooked mixture and allow it to cool.
  • Make paste of cooked mixture in the grinder /mixture.
Gravy of Onion,Garlic,Ginger and Tomato
  • Heat 1 ml. Ghee /oil in a wok and add 2 bay leaves and 2-3 cloves.
  • When the cloves splutter add the paste of cooked mixture and stir. 
  • Add 100 ml. water. Cover and cook for 2-3 min. 
Paste of cooked onion, garlic, ginger and tomatoes being cooked with water
  • Add the paste of besan and curd with continuous mixing to avoid formation of lumps.
Besan paste added to gravy of onion
  •  Cook till it starts boiling.
  • Add
    • Salt
    • Chili powder
    • Garam masala
  • Mix and cook for 1 min.

Thick gravy before water is added
  • Add 250 ml. water and mix nicely.
Water added to thin down the consistency of gravy
  • Cook for 10 min. The gravy should become of pouring consistency.
Gravy ready for green chilies and tomato sauce to be added
  • Add 3-4 whole green chilies.
Whole Green Chilies added to thinned down gravy
  • Add 2 tea spoons of tomato sauce. 
Tomato sauce being added to gravy
  • Cook for 2 min.
  • Mix and remove from gas.
Gravy ready to be taken out in serving bowl
  • Take out the gravy in a serving bowl.
Tangy,spicy gravy of sev bhaji
  • While serving take the gravy in a bowl, add 3-4 heaped tea spoon crisp besan ki Sev.
Gravy in the bowl
Besan sev added to Gravy
Sev-Bhaji dressed with Coriander leaves
  • Garnish it with finely cut coriander and serve hot Sev bhaji with rice / pav / bread.
Sev Bhaji with rice and Green chili

Rice with Sev Bhaji,Curd and Green Chili


  • Add Sev to the gravy just at the time of serving otherwise it will become soggy and spoil the taste and fun of eating crunchy Sev in hot, tangy gravy.
  • Bikaneri spicy Sev is best for this bhaji.
  • Do not let onions to become dark brown.
Suggested Variations:
  • Sprouts can be added to the gravy at the time of adding green chilies.
  • Seasoning of curry leaves can be given to the prepared gravy to add extra flavor.

Curry leaves

  •  Finely cut onions and tomatoes can be added while garnishing this will not only add color to the bhaji but also add crunchiness.

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