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Tangy Mango Pickle ( Maharashra style)

Pickle with chick peas

Pickle ready for bottling
From May end to June end all over India lady of the house gets busy making mango pickle for the entire year. Before the monsoon sets in it should be made bottled and kept in a dry place. I wonder what life would be without mango pickle! Be it the lunch box, picnic basket, or dining table pickle is an omnipresent side dish. In Maharashtra as well as southern part of India mango pickle is made with Mustard seeds and other spices unlike northern India where it is made with fennel seeds and other spices. The oil which is used again makes the taste different from Maharashtra to southern India. In Maharashtra normally ground nut oil is used whereas in southern part sesame oil is used. Whatever may be the ingredients mango pickle will remain mango pickle, which tickles the taste buds of old, young and kids alike.

Preparation Time: 30 min.( For preparing the spices and cutting Mangoes)
Making Time: 90 min. (Time to marinate the mango pieces not included)
Servings: 1.5 kg. Pickle will be made (approximately)

Ingredients Required for Making Mango Pickle:
  • 1 kg. Raw Mangoes
Raw mangoes for pickle
  • 100 gm. Mustard seeds
  • 100 gm. Red chili powder
Red chili powder
  • 50 gm. Red Kashmiri mirchi Powder
Kashmiri  Mirchi powder
  • 100 gm. Salt (or to taste)
  • 1Tea spoon Asafoetida
  • 50 gm. Turmeric powder
  • 50 gm. Ginger
  • 10-15 Kadi Patta (curry leaves)
  • 500 ml. Ground nut oil

Direction for making Mango Pickle:
  • Wash and wipe the mangoes dry with a clean cloth.
  • Cut the top end where the stalk is connected to the mango.
  • Keep the mangoes under the sun on a clean cloth /plastic/plate for 30min. to make sure they are dry from outside.
  • Cut the mangoes to the required size.
Mango pieces
  • Take the mango pieces in a steel/glass bowl and add 50 gm. salt turmeric powder and mix thoroughly.
Salt and Turmeric added to the mango pieces for marination
  • Cover with a plate or cloth and keep under the sun for 5-6 hr.
  • Liquid from mango mixture will separate out.

Liquid from marination of mango pieces
  • Remove the mango pieces and keep in a dry plate.
Marinated mango pieces
  • While the mango pieces are marinating make coarse powder of mustard seeds.
  • Clean, dry, peel and make paste of ginger.
Ginger paste
  • To the liquid add mustard powder, salt, 10 gm. chili powder, 10 gm. Kashmiri mirchi powder and mix.
Salt, Red chili powder, Mustard seed powder

Spices in liquid from marination
  • Add 100 ml. oil and mix to make a fine paste.
Oil added to the spices and liquid from marination
Spices paste ready to be added to the marinated mango pieces

  • Mix the paste of spices to the marinated mango pieces.
Spices paste mixed with mango pieces
  • Keep under the sun covered with cloth /plate for 4-5 hr.
  • Take 400ml. oil in a wok and heat it on high flame till it is smoking hot.
  • When smoking hot switch off the gas and let it cool for 10 min.
Oil heated to smoking hot and being cooled before Kadi patta is added
  • Keep the wok with oil on low flame if the oil becomes cold.
  • Add Kadi patta, asafoetida, and cook for 1 min. 
kadi Patta added to hot oil
  • Add ginger paste and cook till all moisture evaporates.
Ginger paste added to kadi patta

Ginger paste cooked and ready for chili powder to be added
  • Add red chili powder and Kashmiri mirchi powder and cook 30sec.
  • Pour the hot oil spices mixture to the mango pieces with spices paste and mix thoroughly.
Chili powder and Kashmiri mirchi powder added and ready to be added to the mango pieces
  • Cool it to room temperature before bottling.
Pickle ready for bottling

Pickle with chick peas
  • Pickle takes 30 days for maturing.
Serve the pickle with Pulav, Parathas, Dosa, Uttapa it enhances the taste of every meal. That is why it is 
said : Sabka Yar Achar
  • Mango for pickle should have hard kernel else pickle will not last long.
Mango with hard Kernel for Pickle
  • Mustard seed powder or mustard seeds cleaned and halved (Dali of Rai as it is called in Maharashtra) is available in the market. It can be used for making pickle.
  • While adding chili powder to hot oil, make sure the oil is not smoking hot else the chili powder will become black leaving unpleasant color and taste to the pickle.
  • All utensils used should be dry.
  • Spices should be sun dried.
  • If you get the mangoes cut from market wash them with water and vinegar mixture (1:10 ratio of vinegar and water) and then dry under the sun.
  • Do not bottle the pickle in a plastic container. Plastic contains harmful chemicals which dissolve in pickle.

Suggested Variations:
  • Jaggery can be added to the pickle just before it is being bottled. For one Kg. mango 200-250gm. jaggery can be added. Addition of jaggery gives the pickle sweetish sour taste.
  • Garlic paste can be added along with ginger paste.
  • Ginger and garlic amount can be increased to the taste. More the ginger and garlic amount better it is for the health also.
  • Garlic cloves can be added to the pickle before bottling.
  • Chick peas can be added to the pickle after cleaning them with clean cloth, just before bottling.
  • Garlic and chick absorb the juices of pickle and swell up in a month time and taste very nice.
  • White vinegar can be added to the pickle before bottling to increase the shelf life of the pickle. For one Kg. of mango 50 ml. of vinegar is enough.

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