Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dosa without Urad Daal (Unfermented Dosa)

Dosa with green chutney
Uttapa from the dosa batter without urd dal
For all those whose stomach growls after eating dosa from fermented batter made up of rice and urad daal paste , this dosa is a best option and I can say this from my personal experience. This dosa is hit amongst bachelors as well as house wives as the trouble of grinding one day before and then fermenting it is not there, so less hassle more taste. What does one want more!

Preparation Time: 20 - 30 min.(soaking time not included)
Cooking Time: 3 - 5 min. each dosa.
Servings :  15 - 20 Medium size Dosa.

Ingredients required For Dosa: -
  • 250 gm. par boiled Rice.
  • 25gm. Moong Dal 
  • 25gm.Masoor Dal
  • 25gm. Chana Dal
Directions to prepare Batter for Dosa without Urad Daal
  • Wash and soak all the ingredients for 12 hrs. 
  • After they are well soaked drain the wash and wash them gently.

 Soaked  Dal and Rice mixture

  • Grind them to a fine paste in a grinder/mixer. Add little water if needed.
Paste  of soaked rice and dal mixture
  • Once its a mixture of flowing consistency, Add some salt to it.
  • Heat a dosa tawa on high flame
  • When tawa is moderately hot lower the flame and spread one serving spoon full of batter evenly in a round shape on it
Batter spread on hot Tawa for making dosa
  • Pour one tea spoon of oil from the edges and after a min. or so turn the dosa upside down to cook it from both sides.
  • Cook for one min. and dosa is ready to be served.
Dosa with green chutney
    • Using Non stick tawa would reduce oil requirement to make the dosa very much.
    •  Since the batter is not fermented so it is very good for those who suffer from Gastric troubles.
    Suggested Variations:
    • The dosas can be topped by fillings like onion, tomatoes, green chillies, cheese, to make uttapa.
    Filling of onion and green chillies
    Filling of onion and coriander
    Uttapa from the dosa batter with out urd dal
      Enjoy the dosas with coconut chutney, or tomato chutney/ Green chuteny :)


      1. Hello, thank you for the recipe.
        Only 25 gm. of each dal, is that correct? Or should it be 250 gm?

        1. BBBTrain the amount of ingredients mentioned in the recipe is for 250 gm rice. Increase the amount of each daal proportional to increase in rice amount.

        2. Thank for the fast reply! I'll try it today



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