Monday, 23 September 2013

Maintain the Freshness of Green Chilies by Proper Storing

De-Stalked Green Chilies and The removed Stalks
Green chilies are integral part of Indian cooking thus a must commodity in the kitchen. Problem comes when you take them out from fridge and find that they have rotted away when you were assured of their presence in the fridge. The main reason of cilantro (Dhaniya), mint, Palak, Methi, Green chili rotting while being stored in fridge is dirt and moisture. In case of green chilies even when cleaned chilies are stored they rot soon, this is due to the stalk of green chilies.I found that when green chilies are store in proper way they last for almost 15 days in the fridge. Hope my friends to benefit from my this experiment and are spared the letdown feeling when they want fresh green chilies. and get rotted one from fridge.

Time for Storing: 30 minutes
Shelf Life: Minimum 15 days

Material required For proper storing Of Green Chilies:
  • Green Chilies
 Green Chilies
  • Water
  • Cotton Cloth / Towel
  • Old News paper
Direction For Proper Storing Of Green Chilies:
  • Take healthy fresh undamaged green chilies.
  • Remove the stalk from green chilies carefully without damaging the green chilies. Discard the stalks.
De-Stalked Green Chilies and The removed Stalks (To be discarded)
  • Wash green chilies in plenty of water.
  • Dry the De-stalked and washed green chilies with cotton cloth / towel.
  • Allow the wash dried chilies to stand in shade at room temperature for 20-30 min.
  • Wrap the green chilies in a newspaper and place the packet in a cotton bag.
  • Keep the bag with the packet of green chilies in the fridge.
  • Chilies will remain fresh for 15-20 days.
  • Enjoy the freshness of green chilies, bonus you do not have to wash them every time you want to eat them.
  • Make sure the green chili body is not damaged. Damaged body rots fast.
  • Chilies should be completely dry before storing.
  • For longer shelf life while wrapping the green chilies in paper, first place few chilies, fold the paper, again fold the paper so that there is paper between one layer of washed, dried chilies in the packet

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