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Tamarind Rice (Rice cooked with spicy Tamarind pulp)

Tamarind Rice
This preparation of rice is most popular in southern India. Tamarind rice is eaten in southern India with relish right from breakfast to dinner. The tangy taste tickles the taste buds and the experience is amazing. When I used to keep tamarind rice or lemon rice for my son’s lunch box, the standing order used to be please keep two lunch boxes full of it one for me one for my friends! Because of tamarind this preparation of rice does not get spoilt even for 24hrs. in summers so an good rice dish for traveling and picnic.

Preparation Time: 10min.
Cooking Time: 10min.
Servings: Makes 4 large servings.

Ingredients required for making Tamarind Rice
  • 150gm. Rice
  • 25gm. Tamarind
  • 50gm. Ground nuts
  • 1 Tea spoon Cumin seeds
  • 1 Tea spoon Mustard seeds
  • 2 Red chilies
  • 4-5 curry leaves (sweet neem leaves).
  • 1 tea spoon red chili powder
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tea spoon sugar
  • 5 ml. oil
  • Water. 
Direction for preparing Tamarind Rice
Step 1 
  • Wash tamarind and soak in 50ml. water for 10min.
  • Mash the soaked tamarind to pulp.
  • Pass the mashed tamarind through a sieve.
  • Discard the solid on the sieve and keep the pulp aside.
  • Pulp of tamarind is ready.
Tamarind Pulp
    Step 2
    • Wash the rice and soak it in 200ml. water for 30 min.
    • Put the soaked rice in cooker along with the water used for soaking and close the lid.
    • Cook the rice on high flame till the pressure builds in the cooker.
    • Lower the flame when the pressure builds in the cooker and cook for 3-4 min. on low flame.
    • Remove from heat and allow it to cool.
    •  If the grain of cooked rice is sticking remove the rice from cooker and take the rice in a sieve and pass running water through rice and drain nicely.
    Boiled  Rice
      Step 3
      • Take 5ml. oil in a wok.
      • Heat it on high flame.
      • Fry ground nuts till light brown and remove the fried ground nuts and keep aside.
      • To the remaining hot oil add mustard seeds and let them splutter.
      • Add cumin seeds, curry leaves and red chilies.
      • Let the seeds of cumin splutter but they should not become black.
      • Add tamarind pulp, salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder and sugar.
      Tamarind pulp being cooked with seasoning
      • Cook for 1min. so that the mixture becomes thick but not dry.
      • Add cooked rice to the mixture in the wok and mix gently to make a homogeneous mixture of rice spices and tamarind.
      Rice being cooked with seasoning and Tamarind pulp
      • Add fried ground nuts and mix.
      • Cover and cook on low flame for 5 min. with occasional stirring.
      Tangy, spicy, and a hint of sweet tasting, tamarind rice is ready. Take out in a serving plate and garnish with grated fresh coconut. ( if fresh coconut is not available you can garnish with grated dry coconut), fresh green leaves of coriander. No accompaniment is required with tamarind rice but if your family insists serve papad with it
      Tamarind Rice
      • The mixture of tamarind pulp with spices can be made and kept in fridge for a week also, so for the ease of making tamarind rice you can make it and keep in the fridge.
      • You can use cashew, almonds also along with ground nuts or  replace  ground nut with cashew and almonds.
      • Tamarind mixture can be prepared and kept in fridge and used as and when required.
      • You can boil rice in a thick bottom pan also instead of cooker, I personally prefer pressure cooker as it is easy and fast.
      Suggested Variation:
      Ground nuts can be replaced by Cashew nuts / Almonds.
      Raisins can be added along with Ground nuts / Cashew nuts / Almonds. 

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