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Creamy Delicious White Gravy( Cashew nut based)

Creamy Delicious Gravy
Sauteed Cauliflower in Creamy Delicious Gravy
 A great and pleasant change from regular gravy of onion, tomato……Now next time you are arranging a party make sure all gravies are not the same. The table will look attractive and different dishes will have different color and delicate tastes. :)
This gravy is very high on calories but is fit for the occasions when importance of taste overcomes the concern for calories. Make this gravy for Paneer (Cottage Cheese) / Chicken / Dum aloo and see your family and friends licking the fingers!!!

Preparation Time:  15min.
Cooking Time: 20min.
Servings: Makes gravy for 250gm. of cottage cheese/ 250 gm. vegetables/ 500gm chicken.  

Ingredients Required For  Making Cashew-nut Gravy
  • 2 medium size Onions. (20-25gm.) cut to thin small pieces.
Fine cut onion
  • 2 Tea spoons Ginger-Garlic Paste.
Ginger - Garlic paste.
    • 50gm. Cashew nuts soaked in water and ground to paste.

      Cashew paste
      • 2 Bay leaves.
      • 2 petals of Star Aniseed.
      • 2 Pinches of Nutmeg powder.
      • 2-3 cloves.
      • 2cm. piece of cinnamon stick.
      • White Pepper powder to taste.
      • 1 Tea spoon Kasoori Methi ( dried Methi leaves).
      • Salt to taste.Cooking oil 10ml.
      • Water 2050 ml.
      Ingredients Required For Seasoning
      • 2 ml. cooking oil.
      • 2 Red chilies.
      • Red chili powder.
      Directions to Prepare the Gravy 
      • Take 5ml. oil in a thick bottom wok and heat.
      • Add cloves, star aniseed, cinnamon, bay leaves and cook for 1min.
      • Add onion and cook on low flame till absolutely transparent.
      Onion added to spices for cooking on low flame

      Onion cooked to perfection

      Onion cooked on low flame to transparent state  
        • Add garlic-ginger paste and cook for 1 min.
        • Add cashew nut paste and cook on low flame with constant stirring.
        Cashew paste added to cooked onion

        • The mixture will start leaving edges of wok.
        Cashew paste leaving the edges of wok

        • Add 50ml. mwater with constant stirring. 
        50 ml. Water added and being cooked
        • Cook on low flame for 3-4 min. mixing the contents nicely and constant stirring.
        • Add 100 ml. of water and mix. Make sure lumps are not formed.
        100 ml. Water added and being cooked
        • Cook for 1 min. 
        • Add cream and mix nicely.
        Cream added to cashew and spices mixture
        • Add 100 ml. water and cook on low flame for 2 min.
        • Add salt , and mix.
        • Add nutmeg powder, white pepper powder,cook for a min. and remove from heat.
        Creamy Delicious Gravy ready for sauteed veggies/chicken/fish
        • Gravy is ready for sauteed vegetables/ Paneer / chicken to be add.
        Creamy Delicious Gravy
        • My variation of Dum Aloo is cooking aloo in dum in this gravy, and the dum aloo taste different than the regular dum aloo and extremely tasty.
           Dum Aloo in Creamy Delicious gravy

            To Garnish
            • Heat 2 ml. oil to smoking hot
            • Break the red chilies to two pieces each and add to the hot oil.
            • The chilly pieces will become brownish red.
            • Pour the chilly and oil mixture over gravy with veg / paneer / chili.
              • Do not let the onion become golden / brown. It should be transparent so cook on low flame only.
              • If the paste of cashew/almonds start sticking to the base of wok sprinkle little water.
              • Using non-stick pan would reduce the use of oil, I prefer cooking in non-stick wares always.
              • If you prefer less thick gravy add little milk to thin it rather than water.
              Suggested Variations:
              • If the onion is not cut very fine then after cooking onion garlic-ginger paste to the required state it can be cooled and made to paste.
              • Add the paste paste of kaju to the above made paste and cook till the mixture leaves the edges.
              • Add water and rest of the spices and cook to required consistency. 
              • 1 tea spoon Kasoori methi can be added to the gravy just before removing from gas.

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