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Sukha Chicken ( Chicken without Gravy)

Sukha Chicken
Dry chicken is taken as appetizer as well as well as main course. In main course it goes especially well with Tandoori roti / naan. Being less oily it is easier to digest and tastes very good. My personal preference next to tandoori chicken is sukha chicken. 

Preparations Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: 40-45 min.
Servings: 4-5 large servings

Ingredients Required To make Sukka Chicken :
    • 1 kg. Chicken dressed, washed, and cut to pieces.
    Chicken for Sukha Chicken

     For Marinade:
    • 50 gm. Ginger-Garlic past.
    Ingredients for marinade
    • 100 gm. Thick Curd.
    • 10 gm. Turmeric powder. 
    • 10 gm. Red Chili powder.
    • 1/4 Tea spoon freshly grated Nutmeg. 
    For Masala/Spice mix:
    • 250 gm. Onion.( finely chopped )
    Finely cut Onions
    • 50 gm. Ginger- garlic paste.
    • 100 gm.(2 medium size ) Tomatoes.( chopped).
    •  2 Bay leaves.
    • 3-4 Cloves.
    • 1 Inch piece of Cinnamon.
    Spices for chicken
    •  5-6 Black pepper
    • 1 Black Cardamom
    • Salt to taste.
    • Red chili powder to taste.
    • 1 ml. Cooking Oil if cooking in non-stick wok / 10 ml. if cooking in normal wok
     Direction To Marinate Chicken 
    • Poke the chicken pieces with fork .
    • Mix garlic, ginger paste, curd, turmeric powder, chili powder, nutmeg.
    Ingredients for marinade mixed in a bowl
    • Beat them with a spoon or fork to form nice creamy mixture. 
    Marinade for chicken
    • Rub the mixer nicely on the chicken pieces and coat them with the mixer.
    Marinade mixed with chicken and kept for marinating

    • Cover and leave for 5-6 hrs. ( It can be kept in fridge ).
    Direction To Prepare Sukka Chicken
    • Take a thick bottom wok, put 2 teaspoon of oil in it and heat on gas till smoking hot.
    • Add cinnamon stick, cloves, bay leaves and black cardamom.Cook for 1/2 min.
      Spices being cooked till they splutter in 2 teaspoon of Olive oil
    • Add finely chopped onions and cook till transparent.
      Finely cut onions added to oil and spices mixture
    Onions cooked to transparent state

    • Add ginger- garlic paste and cook for 1 min.
    • Add finely chopped tomatoes, and cook till tomatoes turn just tender.
    Onions added after adding ginger-garlic paste

    Tomatoes cooked till tender
    • Add marinated chicken, mix nicely.
    Chicken added to cooked onion, tomato and spices mixture

    Mixed and being cooked on low flame
    • Add salt, red chili powder and mix.
    • Cook on low flame with constant stirring for 5 min. Juices from chicken will come out.
    • Cover and cook on low flame till all liquid dries.

    Covered and being cooked on low flame
    • Cook on low flame with regular stirring and sprinkling of very little water till the chicken becomes tender.
    10 ml. Water sprinkled and being cooked on low flame

    State after 5 min. of cooking (After sprinkling water)
    • Add garam masala and mix.
    • Cover and remove from gas.
    • Keep it aside for 4-5min. so as to allow the flavor of garam masala to seep in the chicken.
    Sukha Chicken
    • Remove the cooked sukha chicken in a serving bowl and garnish with ringlet of onions, tomatoes, sprig of coriander / celery / parsley.
    • Enjoy the sukha chicken with hot Nan, Tandoori roti, Roomali roti.
    Sukha Chicken
    • Cook in non-stick container otherwise oil requirement will become 10-15 ml.
    • Let the liquid of marinade dry completely before sprinkling water first time.
    • Do not add too much water at one go.
    • Cook on low flame. If the heat is increased to high then masala will get burnt.
     Suggested Variations:
    • Cut chicken pieces to bite size and serve it as appetizer.
    • Oregano can be added to the marinade replacing nut meg for a change of flavor.
    • Olive oil can be taken for cooking as it is healthy medium to cook.

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